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SEER = SEER is an acronym for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio...

Ton = Tonnage is used to express the one hour cooling capacity of air conditioners. One ton is 12,000
Btu's of cooling/hour. Residential capacities are offered in one half ton increments between 1.5 tons
up to 5.0 tons. On average, one ton will cool between 400-700 square feet in a residential application.
Homes with poor insulation will reside on the lower end of this scale while homes with excellent
insulation qualities will reside on the upper end.

Homes requiring more than 5 tons are "zoned", using two or more systems to meet the necessary
capacity demand.

KW = A unit of power equal to 1000 watts One Kw (1000 watts) will produce about 3417 Btu's of heat.
A 10Kw heating element, for example, produces 10 x 3417 Btu's or 34,170 total Btu's of heat. Each
heating element size offered will also tell you how much heat it produces.

80% Efficient = Represents the percentage of fuel that is converted to useable heat. The other 20% is
exhausted out the flue or chimney. The current federal minimum for residential furnaces is 80%
AFUE. Furnaces that are between 15 and 25 years old burn fuel at an average efficiency of about 65%.

Furnaces older than 25 years can be as little as 55-60% efficient meaning that between 40-45% of each
dollar spent on gas is exhausted through the flue, providing no value to the homeowner. On average,
an 80% efficient furnace will reduce fuel costs by about 23% when compared to a furnace that is
between 15 and 25 years old. Purchase an 80% efficient furnace if you are in a southern climate or if
you just wish to purchase an inexpensive furnace and still realize some savings on fuel.

Heat Pump = A central air conditioning and highly efficient heating system. that will "extract" heat
from the air in the wintertime for cost effective heating comfort in all but the most severe winter
climates. The system actually "reverse-cycles" in the heating mode and captures heat from outside
and "pumps" it into your home.

Unlike a furnace it doesn't burn fuel to make heat - It simply uses electricity to move heat from one
place to another. In the cooling mode, an air conditioner or heat pump simply captures heat from
inside your home and transfer it outside. In heating, a heat pump actually "reverse-cycles" and
captures heat from outside and moves it inside. This process is more efficient than electric heat as it is
much less expensive to transfer existing heat than to actually generate it.

Gas Package = Means your heating and cooling system is self-contained in one outdoor unit. If your
ductwork connects directly to your outdoor unit, then you have a package unit. Most commonly used
in mobile or manufactured homes, any home on an elevated crawl space, or for roof-top applications.
A "Gas Package" unit refers to the heating fuel source. The heat is generated using natural or
propane gas while the air conditioning is powered by electricity.
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