Heating with Gas Furnaces
Our gas furnaces can be installed free standing in a utility room, basement, enclosed alcove or
closet. They are available in multiple Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings and feature:

Warranty on all parts.
High Efficiency Gas Furnaces (80+ AFUE) also feature a 20 year limited warranty on the heat
exchanger. Available in 80+ upflow/horizontal , 80+ downflow and 80+ upflow/horizontal low profile.

Extra High Efficiency Gas Furnaces (90+ AFUE ) feature a lifetime original owner warranty on the
heat exchanger. Available in 92+ upflow/horizontal, 90+ downflow and 92+ upflow/horizontal low
Gas furnaces are compact in size, approximately 43" in height, 28" deep, and vary from 14" to 19"
Natural gas, high altitude gas and propane conversions available.
Add an air conditioner to complete your heating and cooling package.
Combat dust mites and other allergens! Just add our Electronic Air Cleaner to your furnace!
Additional labor protection is available to protect your heating and cooling system for years to
We use only high quality, dependable components. Our unique manufacturing technique checks
your product 150 times to assure that we deliver the best product available to your home.